L'amore Non è Mai Perso


Come, children, and let me tell you the story of Diana and the runaway olive legwarmer


to all my friends who struggle with mental illness on the daily. that shit is crippling and you all are inspirational to me for pushing through and coping (whatever that looks like to you)

Panic attack inducing repetitive/OCD cycles? Can’t breathe or think. 

OKAY, brain. Seriously, somebody save me from myself.  

lividklingon asked: Feeling better today? :)

Today has been a mixed bag, but certainly better than yesterday! Thank you asking :) How was your day?

lividklingon asked: I'm sure it's not true, you seem lovely. Don't worry about it - I don't want you to be upset alone. Sorry for the slow replies, it's kind of late (in the UK) and I keep falling asleep!

Alright, you’re right. I got a good 8-hour chunk of self pity in there, time to dust myself off and continue. Thanks for the help and catch some zzz’s!!

lividklingon asked: It does... You just have to learn to block it out, I guess? I mean it's their problem, not yours, I know it's hard though. I'm rubbish at ignoring what other people think of me. If you ever want a random chat, then inbox me *hugs* Everything's always okay in the end.

Haha yeah. Still working on the “blocking it out” part. Maybe it’s because part of me thinks it’s true that it’s so painful? Thanks so much for reaching out, really made me feel better.

lividklingon asked: Want to talk?

You’re sweet, I think I gotta pull myself out of it. I can’t control what others think of me… just sucks sometimes